Minecraft Premium Account List

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Minecraft Premium Account List is updated daily to provide you with 100% free accounts and Minecraft gift codes! Check back often!

Our lists have been updated as of 5/4/2013!

Thanks for stopping by! If you are just looking for the daily list, you’ll find the free Minecraft Premium Account List of the day here, and the equally free Minecraft Gift Code of the day right here.

Why Share Our Minecraft Premium Account List?

We offer nearly fifty daily premium Minecraft accounts for use with for play both on private servers and offline. We accumulate more accounts every day! Check back often, as we reset the passwords regularly. The contents of this site have been private domain of MCGForum, an underground group of individuals sharing both gaming accounts and good times. We are not in the business of stealing Minecraft accounts, simply sharing those that we own and receiving more by generous donation and investments. After nearly two years, we’ve decided to do this openly in the spirit of free information. That, and someone got a hold of our list anyways and the best way to prevent them from making money with it is to share it.

Disclaimer and Donations To Minecraft Premium Account List

Minecraft Premium Account List is not responsible for what you do with our accounts, and we only ask that you do not change the passwords so that others can use any open ones. If you would like to contribute your account to our listing, please feel free to contact us! Donations are welcome, as we try to upload at least one or two Minecraft gift codes every day. We are able to do that due to advertisement funding, and generous donations from users like you.

 A Final Word About Changing Passwords On Our Minecraft Premium Account List

Simply put, don’t do it. All you would be accomplishing is annoying people and undermining what we are trying to do here. We try our best to maintain a decent list through Minecraft Premium Account Listour ads and are constantly reinvesting in to Minecraft by purchasing more. Occasionally, god knows why, our accounts are banned and we need to purchase more. We will reset the passwords regularly but can’t constantly monitor the list every hour. That means that we need to ask you to help us. Primarily, just don’t change the passwords. Also, it would be great if you contacted us if you find a bad password. We can’t respond to every email, but rest assured that we read every one. Either way, we review our Minecraft premium account list as well as our gift code list when we can and will fix them as soon as we are able.

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